BIZAPP - Construction ERP

Adaptive Construction ERP

Construction Industry is one of the most challenging business, just a  point difference will results  huge issue.

Adaptive with greater concern created its ERP in deed to access the completion of the entire project with perfection.

With complete integrated system managing Purchase, Warehouses, Sales, Customer Service, inventory, etc. becomes very simple. The strong Project management get all the records and details of the project and includes A-Z process of the project. This ease the work process and tends to the development of the concern.
Construction ERP Workflow

It is obvious ensuring  all  processes are stay planned ahead of time unerringly, in midst of preliminary bench work is a very had process. Adaptive Construction ERP system  ensures the provision of  easy to use modules that facilitate business management.  It manages all aspects including claim, return, etc. ensure visibility and multiply your sales performance.

Key Features

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
This module manages all your business support interactions in one system. All notes, calls, meetings and tasks can be easily accessed and reviewed.

  • Support management of Customer, supplier and partner.
  • Can view data with any new technology gadget from where ever.
  • Lists complete history of costumer interaction.
  • Link supporting details directly to customer or supplier.
  • Maintains complete history of sales, purchase and supply.
  • Tracks costumer / suppliers services.
  • Integrated event calendar and alert system.
  • Track sales opportunities and marketing campaigns.
  • Centralized access of data.
Vendor Management (VM)
Inventory Management
Sales Module
Purchase Order
HR Management
Project Management
Project Employee Management

The key benefits of the solution are

Highly Customizable

Highly customizable solution tailored to your business needs.

In Trend

We make enterprise level tools available to every business.

In finger Tip

Just touch to know current products, customers, orders, etc.

Use Friendly

Simple design structure needs no technical knowledge to handle it.

Mobile Apps

Use Mobile Apps to track details.

On Time

Fully automated system calculates data & keep you informed on time.